Container Gardening

Circular Planting Bag

30″ diameter Use around trees, shrubs, planters, bird baths or lamp posts Fill with soil.  for use in sun or shade with appropriate plants Item# 5055-003


Black Rubber Urn

Self-watering Made from recycled materials Dimensions: 19″ L x 19″ W x 23″ H Item# 5056-970


Watering Can 700mL

Plastic Hawes watering can. Ideal for indoor plants. Great for hanging baskets and seedlings. Made from premium quality plastic. Brass face rose. Item# 5012-089  


Clay Plant Tower

Three 5″ clay pots with metal hanger. Ideal for vertical gardening in tight spaces. Item# 5055-271


Terrarium Planter Kit

16″ terrarium planter kit. Perfect for tropical plants and herbs. Includes: clay pot, saucer and recycled glass cover. Item# 5055-269


Organic Worm Castings

Organic worm castings. Promotes plant growth and root structure. Increases moisture retention. Contains high organic matter and beneficial micro organisms. Available in 5L and 20L sizes. Item# 5025-710 (5L), 5020-712 (20L)


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